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Tuesday, 6 October 2009



Last year we saw I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue at the Lowry just a few weeks before Humphry Lyttleton died. Last week we saw Jack Dee in the chairman's role at the Southport Theatre. His deadpan wit fitted in well and he's a great choice - he's not Humph - and the evening wasn't as hilarious as the one last year, but very funny nonetheless. There was a kazoo on everyone's seat and the producer made a funny announcement about how a certain percentage of the audience would think that their kazoo wasn't working.

We brought ours home to show Oscar and my husband said his wasn't working. I ignored what I thought was an attempt to get a cheap laugh. But I quickly discovered that he really did think he'd been given a dud. He was blowing into the wrong end and then into the front bit where the noise comes out. Even Oscar grasped the concept almost immediately.

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