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Monday, 19 October 2009


The London son is in New York for a few days and then will be home for a while before starting his new job as a supply chain consultant. They gave him a good send-off at L'Oreal and I think he's a bit relieved that all the "because you're worth it" jibes are at an end. 

I was looking forward to hearing about the flight and about the apartment he's renting in Times Square so I was excited when I got a text from him - until I read it. "What was the Villa score?" it said. He was using his girlfriend's phone as he can't get a signal on his (ridiculous - I can get a signal in the depths of the Yorkshire Dales so what's New York playing at?). This left me even more disappointed as I was hoping to spot them on the Times Square live webcam, but this can only be achieved with the help of texting.

Yesterday Oscar spent two hours sitting at a little desk, colouring in. He seemed happy for me to sit with my feet up on the settee, enjoying a coffee. Long may it last.


  1. Just saying Hi from a few miles South of Cobh :) C & C

  2. Hello my wealthy friends on the Queen Mary! Where's Cobh?!