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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

1 YEAR 11 MONTHS AND 16 DAYS..........

I have just double-checked my state pension date (surely not old-age pension these days?) and the countdown has begun. The government site tells me that it will come my way in one year, eleven months and 16 days. Now I have a dilemma. I'm tempted to chalk up the digits on my office wall and score them off day by day like a prisoner in solitary confinement but if I do that I'll be wishing my life away. I'm very happy at 59 years, nine months and four days and apart from looking forward to my pensionable age, I'm not that desperate to be 61 years eight months and 20 days.

More to look forward to in December, free prescriptions - hurray! And a bus pass. Can I really be that old? Apparently I already look it because last week when I travelled by bus with Oscar the driver asked me if I had to pay. Cheek.


  1. I am on a similar collision course to you. I am sorry to disappoint you, but we will not be able to collect our bus pass until we qualify for our pension. The last government moved the goal posts just before the last election and conveniently swept it under the carpet.

  2. Are you sure? I was told at the post office that it's still 60!
    from deb (the only way I can post a comment on my own blog is to be anonymous!!)

  3. Maybe it is different in Southport but Chester and Cheshire West are not issuing bus passes until you qualify for your pension. I think that some councils may have decided not to change the qualifying date.