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Tuesday, 19 February 2008


On the recommendation of the artist son we went along to the Tate Liverpool to see the exhibition of the work of the French artist Niki de Saint Phalle. Anything that involves an admission fee is a no-no as far as my husband's concerned (I only hope St Peter doesn't require one) so I had to get my purse out. I was glad I did. I usually feel out of my depth when looking at art - never really knowing if I like something or not - but because I'm a child of the Sixties these pieces really struck a chord. Bright, almost psychedellic paintings and pieces where things are stuck on boards (is there a name for that?). When I create something (even if it's only arranging furniture in a room) I'm very aware of the overall look and balance. This artist gets it spot on for me and if I'd been thrown into the gallery with no idea who the artist was I'd have known 100% that it was a woman because everything, even if it was just broken crockery stuck onto a piece of wood, was perfectly balanced and arranged. Very pleasing.



We also had a look at the exhibition of Stanley Spencer's work. This is part of the 2008 DLA Piper sponsored art show and I had to explain this to my husband when he asked me if we were looking at paintings by DLA Piper.


The Albert Dock area was crowded with Italians, in Liverpool for the Inter Milan match. For once a bit of style on the quays as these tanned Adonises  paraded in their designer clothes and sunglasses and chatted to their girlfriends on their expensive mobile phones. I wonder if Liverpool supporters will spend time in the cultural quarter of Milan and sip coffees before the return match.

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