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Friday, 15 February 2008

I'm getting far more hits than usual since the artist son re-did my website - it seems that whatever someone searches for on Google it somehow brings them to this site - I only hope they aren't disappointed when they get here. For instance Keane fans searching for the latest news on their idols,  suddenly find themselves reading the mundane ramblings of a middle-aged (yes, 56 IS still middle aged) blogger.

I picked the London son up from Lime Street and held him captive for 40 minutes in the car while I grilled him on every detail of his life since I saw him last. His is definitely a life in the fast lane and I was exhausted by the time we pulled into the driveway. His Dad, who stresses the benefits of rail travel to me at every available opportunity,  wanted to know all about his day trip to Paris by Eurostar. Apparently it was excellent - just what I didn't want to hear because I know that all the rail travel brochures will now resurface and I will yet again have to voice all the reasons why I definitely DO NOT want to go to  Papua New Guinea, the Himalayas or any other godforsaken place by train.

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