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Friday, 22 February 2008


We went to The Room in Manchester for lunch. A cross between a gentleman's club and a canteen. Soup took on a whole new meaning and came disguised as an inch of thick white paste in the bottom of a huge white bowl. It was only my husband's scowl that prevented me from asking where the rest of it was. Lunch for two came to £64 and included a plate of stale cheese at £5.50. I believe the Manchester United players and their WAGS eat there - enough said.

Our daughter has got to take an exam in Excel. I told the London son who told me to ask her if she knew about smurfs nesting in the lockups. I relayed this message and was given a blank look. Apparently I should have referred to nested sumifs and nested v lookups - I prefer my version.


I now have something new  to worry about. The London son has booked a flight to Kuala Lumpur with a view to visiting the orangutans. I know he'll ask what there is to worry about - now, where shall I start.....

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