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Monday, 14 April 2008


I went for lunch with a friend to the brand new Dobbies Garden Centre yesterday. Millions have been spent on it and there's a fairly impressive deli there - but it's chaotic. You can't find the tills and then when you do only one is open, there are no bags for the frozen fruit and croissants and no-one knows if the deli cafe is open or not. After I'd left my friend continued to browse and I've just received an email from her saying that a voice over the tannoy told everyone to visit the deli where they could sample cold cheeses. Then the young boy who'd made the announcement arrived looking all pink and embarrassed after using the mike for the first time and picked on my friend to ask how she thought it went. She told him that cold cheeses didn't sound particularly appetising. Apparently it was supposed to be "cold meats and cheeses" but he said he was flustered and left it out!

Talking of cheese, the London son has been up till all hours waiting to pounce on his new lodger - a mouse. After a sleepless night he went out and spent a fortune on plug-in sonic devices and he says if that doesn't do the trick it can dine on five plates of pelletts.

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  1. please let us know if your son in London gets rid of his mouse - i've had one in my kitchen for six months and nothing has worked!