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Saturday, 12 April 2008


Our daughter asked if anyone wanted anything as she was walking down to the village to get her eyebrows done. Yes please, said my husband, Can you get me an evening paper? and he handed over £1. After the evening meal, he realised that he hadn't seen the paper - where is it, he wanted to know. Apparently she'd completely forgotten about it and when she got the £14 out of her purse to pay the beautician she was surprised to find that she also had enough left for a tip!

Yesterday saw her at the sailing club. During a visit to Centre Parcs her skills on the lake had been admired and that was enough to encourage her to join the local club and enrol on a four-day training course.  She soon discovered that the yachts they use here are somewhat bigger that those at Centre Parcs and found herself in the freezing water within minutes (although she does claim that it was the instructer's fault). However when she got home at the end of day one she had the look of a salty sea dog about her - all tanned and windswept - back today for more.......

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