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Thursday, 18 September 2008


It seems to be a well-guarded sectret that Razorlight are appearing at Liverpool's Philharmonic Hall in October. If you didn't know, and you fancy going, the tickets haven't yet caught on on eBay and are still going for next-to-nothing!

I've just bought tickets to see Rob Brydon and I plonked our daughter in front of her laptop at 9.20am because I had to go out and tickets for New Kids on the Block went on sale at 9.30. She got them but gave me duff information. She yelled that we were on the front row. I'm not certain, but I'm fairly sure that seating at the MEN doesn't start at Row W. Heaven knows how old members of the band are now - but to prove that we're fans from way back we can go to the concert equipped with NKOTB dolls bought  X years ago. Thinking that these dolls may now be worth a bob or two I went in search of them, only to discover that Jordan (I thought it was Gordon!) has a broken leg - apparently sustained when the youngest son belted our daughter over the head with it when they were playing "my favourite band" .

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