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Tuesday, 2 September 2008


We were up at 5am yesterday to take our daughter to the airport. She's now in a hotel bedroom (basic is how she describes it) in Atlanta, Georgia. By her bed, I hope, is the list of dos and donts that we have sent with her. Thank God for the internet. She managed to get onto MSN at Philadelphia Airport to tell me that it was baking hot. She said she'd tried to sit on the pavement outside the building but had been hauled inside by an official who told her it was too dangerous. So they'll probably have her down as trouble already. Her itinerary includes the Coca Cola factory, the Olympic Park and the zoo where the panda cub is - it was in an incubator yesterday so we hope it'll be ok.

I've told her that I've managed to find a streaming webcam on top of a tall building in Atlanta, so if she can find her way up it once a day that will be appreciated.

After we'd dropped her at the airport we had a run through Cheshire and a walk round Wilmslow (Cheshire Wife - I wondered if we were in your neck of the woods). Then to Derbyshire where we stocked up on the original Bakewell puddings and had lunch here


The Eyre Arms. Very nice but a bit expensive and £5.20 for a glass of ordinary wine? That's a rip off.

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  1. Yes, I agree £5.20 for a glass of wine is a rip off.

    You were not in our neck of the woods. We live just outside Chester.