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Saturday, 18 April 2009


I am a bit of a control freak - although some people might argue with the "bit of" bit of that statement - and I found it increasingly frustrating while the London son was in Cyprus looking at a Paphos webcam which constantly showed thunderous clouds looming over the hills, when the main reason for his five-day break was to sit in the sun and relax. There was NOTHING I COULD DO. Unfortunately my organisational skills don't include controlling the weather so I spent five days with a thunder cloud over my own head.

As it happens I needn't have worried - as is so often the case (why don't I learn?). He came home for Easter looking tanned and showed us the photos of the holiday. Had I known that he was negotiating hair-pin bends round Cypriot mountains in a tiny car that smelled of burning rubber and quad-biking at x-miles an hour over muddy terrain I really could have had something to worry about.


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