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Wednesday, 24 June 2009


My husband wasn't keen to visit Lancashire Cricket Club to see Take That, after going there for an REM concert last year so I went with a friend. It was absolutely fantastic. They certainly give value for money.

take that 5

Balloons soar skywards as Take That take the stage

take that 8

take that 10

take that 12

take that 14

take that 15

Fireworks rounded off a perfect evening

We were back at the car for 10.30 for our 40 minute journey home - hahaha some hope! We eventually pulled into the front path at 3am after negotiating the cars of 49,999 other concert goers and then standing still on the motorway, for two hours because the powers that be had chosen this week to resurface it. Twisted minds or what.


  1. We had problems getting home from the Bryan Adams concert, last Autumn, because of roadworks on the motorway. Youwould think that there would be some sort of co-ordination when these concerts are planned. They don't happen every day. Pleased that you enjoyed Take That.

  2. Actually, I'd be amazed if there was any co-ordination. There should be a woman in charge.