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Tuesday, 19 January 2010


kings lights 2

We went to Cambridge at the weekend to see the fantastic light show that concluded the 800th anniversary celebrations. The London son met up with us there - I'm glad he did, otherwise I'd have been looking at the lights on my own. His dad had to go back to the hotel half way through the meal at Loch Fyne suffering from a terrible cough and cold. Seven members of our family have now had this nasty bug which also involves sickness. I have a feeling it's been the norovirus - the same bug that shuts down cruise ships. I'm hoping that we're now immune to it and even if it hits our cruise in the summer, we'll be as right as rain.

It's lovely to see Oscar eating heartily once again. The bug hit him particularly hard and he couldn't even be tempted with his favourite carrot crisps. But he's now rocking away in his car seat to "The Wheels on the Bus" .

o hat


peeping through the stairs


and tucking into anything he can lay his hands on


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