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Friday, 1 January 2010




The best New Year present was the discovery of Oscar's blanket in Monsoon! The blanket, which was knitted before he even saw the light of day, has become a bedtime favourite and a real little friend, so it was a disaster when it was mislaid during a New Year's Eve shopping trip. His dad emailed: "How long would it take you to knit another blanket?"  The wool was out of the bag before you could say knit one purl one and I swear there was smoke coming from my knitting needles. Forget fireworks, forget auld lang syne, midnight found me crossing rows off a knitting pattern - and so did New Year's morning - but I knew deep down that whatever I produced would never really take the place of the old, greying blanket. So I was absolutely over the moon when Oscar's mum sent me a text to say that the precious item had been found by Monsoon's cleaning staff and was awaiting collection. So I can knit at a more leisurely pace now and this one can be a reserve - I think I'll do what farmers do when they want a sheep to accept a lamb that isn't theirs - I'll rub the new blanket on the old - just to be on the safe side!

new year

Tucking into roast goose and bread sauce on New Year's Day

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  1. I know the feeling !Matt (who is now 27)lost his favourite toy - a Poppa Smurf, when he was Oscars age and refused to sleep until it was found - thankfully later in the day!