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Thursday, 24 May 2007

The tickets for REM in Dublin arrived yesterday. I knew I was one of the first to book because I was sitting poised at the keyboard 20 minutes before the official "off". We're on row A - in fact we're slap bang in the centre of row A - so that must just about be the best view in the whole theatre. There was a slight temptation to put them on eBay for £500 but it passed.

We'll be going to Innocent's Fruitstock fair again in August at Regents Park and the artist son and his wife are coming too - so's our daughter so it'll be a real family affair. I decided to see what was on at the theatre for the Sunday night. Managed to get a couple of tickets for Othello at The Globe - much to my husband's disgust. But I reckon if I have to trail around horse racing events with him, the least he can do is sit in the seat next to me at the theatre.

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