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Sunday, 26 October 2008




It's years and years since we even thought of visiting Hesketh Park in Southport. When I was a lad - sorry, girl, I used to be taken there with my parents and it was beautiful - a sensory garden for the blind, a lovely rose garden and a floral clock then the vandals and the druggies took it over so it was place to be avoided. Now, however, lots of heritage lottery money has been spent and the old days have been recaptured - gilded statues and fountains, Brent geese, ducks galore and even better, a brand new colourful children's area where Oscar

might be able to run around and play.

After our Sunday morning constitutional around the park we dropped in at Costa Coffee.  Another letter of complaint was been fired off when we got home. The place was absolutely filthy - tables, chairs, floors, trays, toilets, stairs and even the ceiling. The barista (or whatever they're called) was so busy trying to show off his skills that wet coffee grains were flying everywhere and I wouldn't like to know how many or what sort of bugs were multiplying on his apron.



  1. Nice photo of the park!
    I remember being chased by geese there many years ago! My cousin lived behind the park and we often went there - sad to hear about the dirty cafe .

  2. Sounds like the park might be worth a visit if we are ever in your neck of the woods.

    Oscar looks like he is thriving.

  3. Barbara - I hate to disagree with you, but wasn't it the Botanic Gardens that Martin lived behind?